Latest Fake Streamer Entries


Streamer ProdigyDDK

ProdigyDDK is a known CS Go player from Danmark and is affiliated with the promotion of various, rogue ofcourse, casino's out there. Think of 500 Casino, Stake and some more that did have a certain sponsorship deal with ProdigyDDK ...


Streamer Trainwreckstv

Ever heard someone speak out so delusional in regards of money spend on casino's? Meet Trainwrecks - a degenerate gambler who seems to spend days and days a week playing slots on primarily stake. Made the most bugus of losing "300 ...


Streamer Xposed

Ah yes, Cody or simply put "Xposed" who came a long way from gambling. Is often questioned if the deposits or promotional deals are really fair or not. The thing is, after a 500.000$ win, this was widely questioned on the internet ...


Streamer Stevewilldoit

Stevewilldoit, someone who should not be known for his over-the-top personality and pranks while often videotaping or streaming it live, but so be it. It is what is is in this digital era of time. Allegedly caught into various sca ...


Streamer Adinross

Adin David Ross (Born 2000's) is a young streamer who is most known (and frankly not listed on his own wikipedia) for gambling and the promotion of Stake. This deal seem to have set him ahead for millions of dollars on a weekly ba ...


Streamer Drake

Influential figure who made a carreer in Hiphop / Rap / RnB and ultimately signed up a deal with Stake. The cringe part about this is the normalisation is gambling presented to the youth's today and how irresponsible this could le ...


Streamer Roshtein

Roshtein goes back a long time and is likely the most known actor of playing as a fake streamer. We have some content for you for you to be the judge, but also handy references to really show the rogue places he has bin promoting ...


Streamer Chipmonkz

Chipmonkz is a youtube affiliate streamer who initially played at UK Casino's with one pound stake on avg. Decides to start promoting rogue casino's and suddenly without any disclosure is able to play 40 pound spins at once. Every ...


Streamer Ayezee

Ziad or simply Ayezee, being around for some years who was streaming on fairly small stakes and would be completely upset after losing a few hundreds, moves to Malta because of the obvious gambling advantages online and suddenly d ...

Why are Fake Streamers a Plague?

Casino Streaming Explained

Explaining on why viewers watch streamers in general we'll just put that subject apart, since we focus only on casino (fake) streamers who think they can make a living off of other people losses. The promotion of vague casino's, the constant hints to register, signup, use affiliate code X, the "Like, Share and Retweet" to enter a free give away, everything is designed to help build and promote the streamer as fast and as cheap as possible. You need to be aware that any user interaction like this is solely for their own promotion, to gain more ground, and to hoard in new affiliate(s) for raising revenue, getting (filthy) rich and ruin some lives due to gambling addiction at the proces.

The intensity of (online) gambling these days has never bin so great compared to 20 years ago, when streaming was not even in and never was any populair. Casino promotion would be mainly focussed on websites, email marketing and often hiring fake marketing agency's that would write, blog and publish articles, reviews and everything. The world of online casino can be rogue. Esp. when you enter online gambling sites that seem to have a vague jurisdiction, and have all the right to take or confiscate players winnings while signing up, depositing was never a issue. It's all about money, and the ways they bring their product to this audience is sickening.

We have no issues with online streaming or gambling in the first place. There's quite some OG's who do that or are known for years to play with their own money. We firmly believe that streaming has gotten out of control, where anyone with some form of a audience, now can register as a promotor, get a free balance to play with, and start streaming on various platforms like Youtube, Kick, former Twitch and spam their content even further on things like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and what more. Gambling addiction is a disease and anyone is able to be caught up by it. It don't matter if your healthy or not sensitive to a addiction, a gambling addiction gets you.

Why Are Fake Streamers Doing It?

Fake streamers who take deals, and solely not play with their own money, are a large part of the whole problem. For online casino's it's easy, cheap and most likely 10x ROI can be expected when they "hire" someone who has a certain audience. There's plenty of names that we will shame on our website, and that we should warn the public and audience for. Because of this immoral tactic, you have people or folks streaming content with ridiculous betsizes, of over thousands of dollars a spin, that even rich, wealthy people on long term, could not sustain. We refer to for example professional soccer players, golfers and other celebrities with some form of status, who lost the lot.

There's a certain truth to it that a generic streamer can be approached to promote gambling. The revenue is often 3x as much compared to what they do now. But this is the culprit - it is at the expense and cost of it's affiliates. Younger kids, just turning 18, with a life ahead, being conditioned that gambling ia a part of life. That gambling is a way of making money. Or that gambling is something cool todo and your not in the party when you do not gamble. The thing is the streamer has no financial risk. So he or she is able to do reckless and out of this world betting that hold no consequence in regards of the financial risk they would normally take.

Casino's can afford paying streamers, because the ROI ( Return on Investment ) often yields them 10x or even more the initial investment. They won't sign up every viewer, but they will get 10% of the viewing audience who's triggered enough to even to a point where the complete monthly salary is ditched in and the player risks losing it. There's many people out there, being one paycheque away from being homeless. We are not joking. And this is in general where such casino's and streamers, rely on. Compulsive and addicted gamblers to have signup, or attract new fresh blood from youngsters who are not aware of any of the (long term) dangers.

Truth: Fake Streamers Do Not Care

Streamers promoting casino's do not care about their losing audience

Most streamers uphold a sense of arrogance thinking they are lit, being the bomb or the world can't live without them. The reality is it likely copes with a certain narcism that being in the centre of attention is what thrives these. It just robs it's viewers from their valuable time, a (fake) sense of "I was there" perception or just people who do not have a busy life enough to be even bothered by watching someone from hours. There's a shift happening in the world as we speak and we need to warn others about the obvious dangers of losing time in your own life for others while not getting any beneficial back for it. Do you see where we are going?

Surely - a good streamer can be entertaining to watch, when you want to have your head with absolutely nothing. Many of them excel in what they do and do a good job out of it. If your one of those - do not feel offended. But if your listed on this website, know that we done our homework, and we need to warn others in public for being a shill, sellout or someone who just does'nt care about their viewers base and is only out to promote the casino while being on a payroll. Your a industy's little bitch and your a part of the ongoing problem. We hope that we raise awareness of both young and older generation who wonders about gambling streamers.

The fact is - they do not really win when playing slots. The money is given as part of a deal to have a starting balance. They can play and roam freely, but there's hidden caveats in the deal they do not tell the audience and which makes them impossible to for example, withdrawal their winnings. You also have high end streamers, who's worth and audience is alot larger and they do get paid by the casino, up to large numbers. But the same apply's here - nothing is or comes free, and even tho claims are made of being paid millions, the reality is they most likely make a few hundred k's a year. Not millions. Most of them do their utter best to hide the obvious.

Avoid Playinb on Rogue Casino's

The obvious is ofcourse that the online casino pays for this circus, as part of a marketing plan. And the price for both party's is the affiliates. It's a huge battle where the stakes are up millions to even billions to catch and hold as much as affiliates or players as they can. They do have designed a mouse-trap in regards of their website, selection of games (slots, live games etc) and make it upmost difficult to for you to stop, or not come back. The providers who design, release such games, invest huge R & D's (research and development) into online slots for example, to make highly addictive games that would even make pigeons a subject to a gambling addiction.

You do not believe us? We recommend Watching this video as a experiment done in the 70's on Pigeons before even internet existed. Gambling is based on the reward principle and can turn any living creature into a pathological gambler. The same logic applies to instagram, facebook with it's like button or when you open up youtube these days, how content is created in a such a addicting way. Your being hooked. And your the product. And you might not even realise it, how fake casino streamers and rogue casino's with their huge budgets, are trying to jump aboard the train of huge marging that are present in the online gambling industry.

To put meaning to what we write, we suggest hitting up random reviews for the casino's they do promote. And the definition of rogue casino's really means. Players being banned and their winnings taken away from them. Casino's ever changing tactics on refuse to pay out winners or throw them to a endless circle in regards of "Know your customer" while it never seems to be a problem to register, deposit for endless of time, while withdrawals suddenly does impose a problem. We think the industry should change - and simple messages on screen is'nt effective enough. The shaming of these rogue people and simply chase them away for who they really are.

Check Our Hall of Shame Fake Casino Streamers!

Fake Streamers Hall of Shame

We do our homework in the industry and place people with certain evidence on our website. Streamers who tout to put themself out there, being busted fake casino streaming and enticing it's users to signup using their links. Also caught viewbotting, faking it's true amount of viewers per ongoing live session, but also cheating their way through like populair claims cash deposits being all raw, while an hour prior to a deposit money was send from the casino itself to a casino owned wallet. That type of stuff. We also let our visitors submit any documentation on suspicioun or true rogue streamers who deserve to be mentioned on our hall of shame list. Enjoy!

We're doing the public a favor, for warning for such practices that involves human lives, future's and time being robbed away. If you feel your friend or you are in danger, don't be affraid to reach out for help. There are plenty of places online to get professional help. If you want to know the cold turkey recipe for detoxing and detaching yourself from all of this, take a break. Stop watching gambling content or leave discord(s) for a while. Unsub from these rogue streamers and even file a report if you feel they have broken the rules. The first 2 weeks will be tough, but after that you will gain strength and sight again on your now desperate situation.

Ofcourse - there's a certain truth to how much your responsible for your own. And that only you can be held accountable for the bets your placing on online casino's. And the risk that it may involve of losing it. Gambling should be considered as a way of entertainment, not a way to make money. If you want to find ways to make money with gambling, well here take our next passage for it. It's extremely difficult to even beat the odds or the casino. And if that does'nt screw you the urge to continue to play will. It's a dangerous game and even high end affiliated streamers can do their outcry how gambling is all rigged against them. Put your middle finger up in the air.

Ways to Keep Winning in Gambling?

Because the true definition of winning in gambling is not gambling at all. You might be lucky today, tomorrow, or have a good streak this month. But the next month is sure to slowly rinse you where nothing seems to work, or your in a endless losing streak. Nobody has a true explanation for this online casino slot behaviour, we do know that for some reason almost all players seem to (barely) hit even over time. But never really ahead. Do you really think when a streamer wins 1 to 7 million USD it's all his money? Nah. Any gambler up millions is running because such events are one in a zillion and never to be reproduced again. They most likely seeded those slots first.

If we had a (constant) winning strategy to win on online casino's we would not disclose it. Purely for the fact that people are always looking for ways to abuse it, rinse the casino financially or blame others later for losing money in the first place. It's a quest for each to their own, we do hope that you play with certain fun and that it's not a obligation or obligation because you lost money or your trying to win back your losses (Chasing your losses). These things is what will lead to a gambling addiction. Not in a week, but over the progression in time. For one it goes more faster then the other. Do not be a victim for highly addictive game(s) or just because your streamer plays it constant.

Mind you that streamers who are contracted, or often the industry's bitch and be told to play new released games. This is part of promotion and some sort of obligation it seems - the fake streamers we watched all showed mass wins on new released games while it often takes a while for games on casino floors to even come close to it's max potential. Seeding of games is important, the more wagering the better. But games released with no seed or predefined seed usually don't yield to constant max wins. Anyway - let's get to it and visit our hall of shame if your interested in the obvious details of now todays fake streamers. This is updated on a regular basis.

Exposing Casino Fake Streamers

You might wonder how a casino streamer in general can post or publish constant and big wins all the time. We believe that there is a firm relation to certain account(s) being "juiced" up or simply a misformed way of presenting content. Gamblers overall lose the longer they play.

Understand The Affiliation Business

With streaming a dozen of viewers can be reached streamers can jump into the boat of online casino affiliate streaming and have zero financial risk to long term lose on gambling. The earning really is from affiliation and / or other deals. Always at the expensive of it's losing viewers.

Avoid Playing Rogue Casino's

You'll most likely find a huge streak of negative reviews with comments on the promoted casino's most streamers seem to endorse. These comments are'nt fake. These are generated from users with real experience, and overall where getting duped in the proces or lost huge amounts of money.

Don't Waste Your Precious Time

If your here you likely feel the same about not wasting your time any longer. It's really all one big circus and it's all designed to hoard in fresh or new unaware gamblers of the true dangers that are around the corner. Do not be fooled. Feel free to tip us with info on new fake streamers.