Latest Fake Streamer Entries


Streamer Dailygamba

Daily Gamba, or Nick, is a youtube, kick, insta & tiktok content creator who started off with a few folks some years ago as a joint venture to make online money. Somewhere down the line they learned that Casino affiliation mig ...


Streamer Funnyhoodvidz

Another obvious stake puppet who manages to start sessions with a balance well over 10.000$ on a daily basis. There is no other explanation then these folks being on the payroll of the one and only brand that does seem to have hug ...


Streamer Toaster

Ah, the two boys from canada who started a youtube channel in a relatively, down to earth content which watches away easily and seems to provide some entertainment. But with most of these streamers who seem to ramp up betting size ...


Streamer Viperous

Ah yes - a new "staked" individual who's running various social media platforms with generous and almost nude content, mostly pointing to her onlyfans. It is these streamers who have a certain audience and often get approached by ...


Streamer frankdimes

Whenever you see new faces with streamers, it is usually a matter of time before a spin-off or a creationg of their own gambling channel will appear. Frankdimes is another Stake promotor with balances ramping up the hundreds of th ...


Streamer Lospollostv

We had to dig a bit into this one, but another streamer hired by stake to present fake slots and lure the roughly 70.000 subscribers into stake peasants. Ofcourse, when your funded, you get free play money, you can do f you money ...


Streamer Bossmanjack

Oh no... This is a interesting individual who seems to run as a posterboy for anti-gambling ads or addiction. Bossmanjack or actually Lossman Jack is a stake (New: BC GAME!) sponsored streamer who keeps on givin! If you where alwa ...


Streamer xqc

We are always suprised when there's a legion of brainless folks who ever keep defending their favourite streamer such as XQC who seems to spin up to thousands of dollars in roughly minutes as if money was water. People have to und ...


Streamer WatchgamesTV

Ah yes... From origin a casual gamer like Apex legends and what more. Suddenly makes a switch to gambling and before you know doing 100.000$ bonus buy bets! Where does he get the money from if he's living in a casual or even stude ...


Streamer N3on

A relatively new face for some within the gambling, but old and perhaps familiar in Fortnite and such. Created content in where he would fake his own health demise by stating having a brain tumor, was exposed a few times by other ...


Streamer Classybeef

Classybeef is not a individual but rather a team of a few people named Joe, Espen, Nando, Jonte, Bigg0, Georgi, Lamar and Rune. They are operating from Malta for obvious reasons as laws are different in Malta (Plus Low Tax) and ar ...


Streamer Leyla-papagiorgio

There's girls who sell their nudity on Onlyfans and come out for it, and you have streamers like leyla papagiorgio who are a casinos little pearl. Nobody knows exactly what she done before but she seems to run a fulltime job in p[ ...


Streamer ProdigyDDK

ProdigyDDK is a known CS Go player from Denmark and is affiliated with the promotion of various, rogue ofcourse, casino's out there. Think of 500 Casino, Stake and some more that did have a certain sponsorship deal with ProdigyDDK ...


Streamer Trainwreckstv

Ever heard someone speak out so delusional in regards of money spend on casino's? Meet Trainwrecks - a degenerate gambler who seems to spend days and days a week playing slots on primarily stake. Made the most bugus of losing "300 ...


Streamer Xposed

Ah yes, Cody or simply put "Xposed" who came a long way from gambling. Is often questioned if the deposits or promotional deals are really fair or not. The thing is, after a 500.000$ win, this was widely questioned on the internet ...


Streamer Stevewilldoit

Stevewilldoit, someone who should not be known for his over-the-top personality and pranks while often videotaping or streaming it live, but so be it. It is what is is in this digital era of time. Allegedly caught into various sca ...


Streamer Adinross

Adin David Ross (Born 2000's) is a young streamer who is most known (and frankly not listed on his own wikipedia) for gambling and the promotion of Stake. This deal seem to have set him ahead for millions of dollars on a weekly ba ...


Streamer Drake

Influential figure who made a carreer in Hiphop / Rap / RnB and ultimately signed up a deal with Stake. The cringe part about this is the normalisation is gambling presented to the youth's today and how irresponsible this could le ...


Streamer Roshtein

Roshtein goes back a long time and is likely the most known actor of playing as a fake streamer. We have some content for you for you to be the judge, but also handy references to really show the rogue places he has bin promoting ...


Streamer Chipmonkz

Chipmonkz is a youtube affiliate streamer who initially played at UK Casino's with one pound stake on avg. Decides to start promoting rogue casino's and suddenly without any disclosure is able to play 40 pound spins at once. Every ...


Streamer Ayezee

Ziad or simply Ayezee, being around for some years who was streaming on fairly small stakes and would be completely upset after losing a few hundreds, moves to Malta because of the obvious gambling advantages online and suddenly d ...

The Hall of Shame Fake Streamers Explained

Why Fake Streamers even exist in the first place

We have no moral issues with promotion of casino's - let that be very clear. However lately and we're talking in the last decade Fake Casino Streamers where coming and going in the promotion of bogus, weird or straight-up criminal promotion of casino's while not disclosing, Hey i am sponsored and i'm playing with money provided by the casino. The level of cringe at this point comes to such levels that even Roshtein is'nt impressed anymore when winning big. People have to understand, if a streamer is listed on here, he or she is playing with pre-given money by the casino. Amped up player accounts to present a false illusion of winning all the time so big. It's to uphold a fantasy.

As we dig deeper into the subject, we see the larger brands having the largest marketing budget to hire these people. With hiring fake casino streamers we mean they are getting paid, to promote and / or play on stream on their casino, with all sorts of tricks applied to lure in new affiliates. With new affiliates we mean, people who signup using a code of their streamer. A streamer is getting a commission based on the losses of their affiliate. Depending on the deal this can vary in between 10 up to 40%. So a 100$ deposit, 100$ loss would yield into 10$ up to 40$ per affiliate. Now multiply that amount to lets say a thousand affiliates and the picture looks very interesting.

The thing is, when a fake streamer is playing slots, all their action is technically void, nulled as you may call it. Yes they can have big wins, they can do monstrous actions on extreme large bets, that not even folks like Elon Musk or Bill Gates can sustain on the long run. They however, can't cashout the amount of money. The wallets are usually owned by the casino themself. THey pre-load it before a stream starts, some higher end vip streamers can instant reload based on sending a simple message (We've seen streamers get 500k play money within the click of a button on their cellphone). The whole circus is designed is to get you playing. Is this a bad thing?

Transparancy is complete missing with streamers

It is not bad to support someone who streams. It is not bad to tip someone or send a gift or whatever rocks your boat. However we do have moral issues with folks who seem to go for the moneybag and shove their users into a product that has bin mathematically designed to make you lose on the long run. It is no coincidence that some players experience a complete dead session over and over and over again, while a streamer who plays slots on Kick or whatever, has the best action in the world. Nobody is obviously going to stream losing slots, the viewer count would be dropping in minutes if that was the case. The majority of streamers do not disclose their fake play.

And it is here somewhere where the industry or business of casino affiliation has become corrupt. Casino's are hand in hand with providers in regards of "Streamer accounts" and streamers can play for days to come with zero financial risk. Ofcourse, if you where handed 500.000$ to play slots, your action would be obviously completely different then when you where playing with 100$ of your own money. We understand, it's good promotion for the casino, for the slot providers and esp. when new games are released, the casino often directs their streamers to give the new slots a try. It's really obvious when you start looking at what they do.

With our website, we're kind of warning the public in regards of fake streamers. They are irresponsible, are pawns of something bigger who are trying to "normalize gambling" and it's a very simple Rat Trap. They want your money. They want as much as possible of that. They work with providers who design tilting games, they are cushioning their audience that by playing down your balance to near zero and winning big that losing is the new normal. Do not be fooled. These products can destroy lives - it does not take a lot to become prey of turning into a gambling addict. The warnings are there - use your common sense. Unsubscribe from your streamer.