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Rocknrollah is a uncensored, real & OG online gambler who documents both off and online streaming. Most known for it's poker tournament, Vegas trip, insane & degen roulette spins but also winning over a 100 grand on Lil de ...


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For someone OG The Bandit Slots is a guy from the UK who on regular basis uploads compilations with live commenting onto it. With more then 87k of subscribers it's absolutely worth it to check lots of content on his Youtube Channe ...

Why are trusted streamers, so important?

Why trusted streamers, are important

We know that the casino streaming industry is to some extend shady. Simple as that. Undisclosed deals, sponsorships in where the streamer does not have a financial loss (Unlike Bossmanjack and simply send their following base into brands that seems to invest heavily in more and more new players who will left or right finance this online industry till the point some just more then they could afford. We find it important to see, watch streamers who are open or simply transparant to what they are doing. Hey i play with my own funds. Or hey i do have a deal and here's the data to back it or i provide lots of giveaways for people on my code.

Esp. coming from one particular brand, you'll never see any of that transparancy. And asking the brand Stake ourselfs leads to a closed door in regards of online casino promotion. It's all designed to lure people in, make them gamble, and keep them in there as long as possible. You can do that by offering a platform that has a high tilting effect, difficult to walk away from or provide (populair) games that can be triggering for people who lost lots of money and have it in their heads to attempt to win it back. It starts with one enticement - and before you know your into it deeper then you really should. Even if they get a 1000$ from you, the mission is already accomplished.

That does not mean the brands are bad, rigged or whatever. Just be very careful to who or where you signup to. Or where you leave your personal details outside of the casino itself. You might end up in marketing email schemes even if you stopped gambling. Trusted streamers are important. They tell you in certain honesty what they are doing, why and how. That the majority loses long term, is a fact. Don't be pushed or tricked to gamble even more for leaderboards. A leaderboard or rakeback should always be considered extra and not a goal when you gamble. If your interested in a listing please Contact us - be aware - no fake sponsorship deals!

Real Streaming is Difficult - Financial wise

To be fair, the few real streamers we spoke to, pretty much admitted that legitimate streaming is a difficult task. And it requires money made through gambling, through advertising or income, or getting a little sponsorship deal left and right. On the long run, it's an expensive duty to be fair and it makes all sense that, Rogue Streamers simply opt for being sponsored or stakes by the casino rather then investing their own money. The problem is is lacks transparency as nobody is really clear or ignores the pure fact that they are just playing with sponsored money. Folks want to watch streamers who put their sweat into their streaming and create genuine content.

This is what makes a good streamer - one who does not lie or one who does simply not sell their soul to the obvious marketing tactics to casino's with millions of dollars in regards of budget. The majority of Casino streamers on kick are playing on the obvious brands. It is no secret that Kick is partially owned by stake and puts stake streamers in favor of the rest. If you can relate to what we type - feel free to Contact us with your thoughts about this topic. Fake streaming is a problem where as much as possible social media attention is attracted through facebook, tiktok, instagram, youtube and more. Just to bring the product under the attention.

The few Rogue streamers such as Ayezee is a perfect example of being a con in the 21th century. Hey look guys i'm with raw balance, and i give so much back to the community. Does he tell you as well that all that money is sponsored by the casino? And that you need to wager quite the numbers to get a little percentage back? He was obviously caught making claims about raw balance while 5 minutes prior to his own deposit, the money send from Roobet as Seen in this video. The business is genuine shady in so many regards - we get it. We're just trying to inform the public as much as we can and hopefully protect at least one from falling into the obvious traps.